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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The bunny incident

One day a bit after Easter I came home from work, payed the babysitter way more than I wanted to and headed toward the secret hiding spot of my milk chocolate Easter bunny. I called out to it but to my horror I saw why it couldn't hear me, someone had eaten it's ears off! I spun around and saw the culprit! Right in the hallway, evidence of chocolate all over his 9 year old face, still chewing no less! I was devastated! "Cody! You are eating MY chocolate bunny!" I yelled at him. I had learned some time earlier to never ask him anything that might be condemning with those two bad words "did you?" Because of course I knew perfectly well what his answer would be. The Doctor had advised me to make it a statement rather than a question. But still, even though I did everything right, he replied, "Am not" through chocolate covered teeth.
"Open your mouth" I said and he quickly swallowed the last nub of ear and stuck a brown tongue out at me. "Why you little..." I swooped him up and carried him to the bathroom where I stood behind him facing the mirror. "Cody" I said while attempting desperately to contain my anger, "You ate my bunnies ears! Admit it. There is chocolate all over your face, in your mouth and on your hands!" "No I didn't Mom!" He yelled indignantly! "It wasn't me I swear!" My face was turning a very unattractive shade of red, I was dumbfounded by yet another blatant lie. "Listen bub, your the only one here with bunny face O.K.? I will get over the chocolate, but you can't just lie like this and think anyone is going to believe you!" He just stood there. His eyes were pleading and sincere. I am sure that he must have totally convinced himself that an alien had snuck in and shoved some random chocolate in his mouth without him seeing anything and escaped unnoticed by the babysitter. I can not to this day, 17 years later get him to cop to the bunny incident!
Well, he went into the right profession. He is one of the finest actors I have ever seen!


angel said...

heh, what is it with ADHDers eh?
damien's not mad about the stage and performing... but he'll deny everything and induce such a guilt trip in his "accuser" they'll start doubting themselves- even if they've caught him red-handed at something!

Tracy said...

A very workable ADHD tactic, unconscious of course (innocent eyes).