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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cody Got his Masters of Fine Arts!

OH MY GOD you guys... How in the world did this happen???
I remember taking Cody to a "psyco"therapist when he was 7 or so.
The guy talked with me for an hour and watched Cody redecorate
his office. At the end of the hour he looked at me in total sincerity and said:
"In my professional opinion, I believe you should both be institutionalized."


ADHD people don't live in the worlds little boxes, we make our own!
We stretch patience, energy and minds into entire new realms.
We are the people who believe in magic and make it, see visions and create it,
we are unsinkable, miraculous, vivid movement and WE EVEN GET MASTERS OF FINE ARTS DEGREES!


Cody will begin teaching music, as a professor Sept. 5th.

I will be creating a CD beginning immediately. I have a gentleman
that wants to produce my recovery CD and YEEHAW baby, were living our dreams!


angel said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! oh wow- i am so immensely impressed and i'm so proud for you!!! i'm so glad you're back- i hope i'll see more of you darling!!!

Michelle Hix said...

Okay, wait, I am new here and just catching on so bear with me...I assumed your son was very young, but then I scroll down and Cody is now a graduate with a Master's Degree? Where did the time go? He grew up so fast. One minute I'm reading a little poem about him picturing him this little boy and then wham! He's a grown boy. I haven't even gotten to know him yet. Okay, second thing I'm confused about...is that YOU and your son in that picture? You with the red hair? You are stunning!!! How do you have a son that age? Am I confused? Is that your son or your husband? Okay, reading again, yep, it's your son...wow, you look amazing! My oldest is only 11 and I don't even look...ahhh forget it. I'm going to go dye my hair and get a facial. ha ha

Great pictures. There must have been times while raising him where you sat and pondered what his adult life would be (as we all do) and wondered if he'd be successful, happy, etc. Life is funny. It's the one's that break the molds, that don't comply, don't quite fit in, that surprise us all because they dare to dream about things that others think can't be done. Congratulations!