Thursday, January 17, 2008

ADD mouth

Sitting here, climbing out of my skin
so simple to see, that I don't fit in
can't stand much more, seems they don't care
It takes so much, to remain in my chair
Words just shoot, right out of my face
seems I've lost the filter, keeps me in my place.
& when folks get mad, it takes so long
before I see, where I went wrong
they say to think, before I speak
I'm afraid my mouth, is the weakest link
it appears to have, a mind of it's own
can't even count, the chances I've blown
when I try to say, a soothing word
instead pops out, somethin' loud and absurd
so PLEASE give me...

a big learning curve.


angel said...

oh tracy thats beautiful and sad at the same time!!!
glad you're back, i do hope we'll be seeing more of you?

Michelle Hix said...

Oh what a wonderful insight into the heart of a child. I do some volunteer work at my children's school where much of the student body is twice exceptional. Because the teachers are so well aware of the issues, they let the children learn in their most comfortable environment if possible. So if the kid needs to stand or move (which soooo many do) to be able to learn, then they may stand as long as they aren't being disrespectful to others. It would be impossible and cruel to force these children to all learn in the same style, sitting quietly at their desks. Okay, I digress. I haven't even looked at your blog yet, just one poem and you've got me going...ha ha.

angel said...

okay... coming up on your two month "warning"

angel said...

omw... tracy's a granny two times twice!!!
photos, photos, we want photos!
photos, photos, we want photos!
photos, photos, we want photos!
photos, photos, we want photos!
photos, photos, we want photos!

ahem... when you find a moment to indulge us that is...

BIG hugs and congratulations!!!