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Friday, March 14, 2008

I get one more chance

I get one more chance
By: Tracy Nicolaus

My baby had a baby
how did it go so fast?
He was in my lap just yesterday,
I thought that it would last.
Those years that took forever
the times I begged for speed,
oh to have those moments back,
as I sit here and reread,
A Mothers Day card from long ago
when he was barely seven,
he wrote that I was his hero,
a mommy sent from heaven,
Oh how could I waste those little years
God how I wish I could do it again
I'd pay more attention to his hopes and fears
I'd play more ball,
I'd play with His train,
if I could just do it over again...

But here is this infant,
looks just like his dad,
it may be Gods way,
to give me back what I had,
through the eyes of my past,
with a new grandmas heart,
I have one more chance
to make a fresh start.
This time I will stop,
be present, right there,
re-read Hop on Pop,
now it's my time to share,
The one thing missing.
from my own grown sons years,
all the time in the world
to slowly watch,
as this new life appears.