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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby pictures, cause God knows they are the cutest!

We could be twins! So what if there is no blood relation...

Here are my babes, Levi, Cody and Jason. Cody is holding
Aryan, Levis little baby boy. So sweet.

O.K. having a little fun with photoshop here

Aryans chubby face, 6 weeks old, what a hunk!

I think I'm gonna like this grandma thing a lot.
I'll tell ya this already, I love having the time to stop
and watch every second of them growing, what a blessing.


angel said...

oh my goodness tracy this is so cool, i so love finding a new post when i open your page!!!
aryan is just too too beautiful!
and what gawjiss sons you have...

angel said...

hey girl! are you still busy playing baby dollies!!?!?

Work at Home Mom said...

so adorable!