Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For some weird reason I woke up with a brand new set of eyes
apparently the ones I'd had couldn't see through my own lies
Denial and excuses justified my crazy mess
"I'm ADHD, you surely see, there is no guilt here to confess."
My bedroom floor was littered with laundry, shoes, and crap
and when I looked out to the hallway, I knew I'd need a map
to find my way around the place, my god I'd need a shovel
and a giant dumpster to get through all the piles of rubble
and then I'd use the leaf blower to get cobwebs dust and hair
it disgusted me to think I lived in this dismal filthy lair
So I got out my egg timer and had it set for fifteen minutes
I picked one corner of my room and I just dove right in it
I did this for some hours and do you know what I found
that giant mess was not so tough I could freely move around
I wouldn't say it sparkled but it was so much better
I felt a freedom and a happiness I was floating like a feather
but that was many weeks ago and it seems my new eyes are failing
so heres fifty bucks, back up your trucks, so we can all start bailing
and when were done I'll be the one sitting smugly on the curb
see I figured out with an empty house that cleaning is absurd
so join me on the floor here, please have a cup of tea
oh maybe not, I've thrown out my pot...
say, can you please feed me?


angel said...

Teehee... its amazing what you can do in 15 minutes! And if I was near you I would SO bring you some tea!!

Anonymous said...

I truly love this how cool! I too am an ADHD mommy myself with an ADHD son as well. I have 2 kids. My youngest so far is not ADHD. :) Great poetry you share here tho.

Beth said...

I'm sitting here a non-ADHD adult (I think), with a severely inattentive ADHD husband of 12 years and a combined-type ADHD 11 year old son... looking at my house wondering where do I even begin?! I have always been almost OCD about organization. It's been rough, to the point I just gave up trying to keep things organized, and now my life feels like it's in the same state my house is in. I needed this. Thank you. :) I can't wait to dig in to your blog... of course, that's a great distraction to prolong the huge task I have before me. lol

Beth said...

..and if you even read this or possibly care.. lol (I'll make it short & sweet). I just found out I scored 41/20 on a ADHD screening by a psych examiner last week. Appt with phychiatrist in a week. I'm 40 years old. Unreal.

Life is Never Enough said...

I feel related to this poem ur writing. I am not sure if I have ADHD yet (will find out soon), and it's exactly how I am feeling about my messy room, and seeing all the dust build up all over the house. "Did I just clean that?" I thought that over and over. LOL, love ur poem!

U can check out my blog that I wrote poems (not related to ADHD tho) :)

ADD Tracy said...

Beth, congratulations on getting a diagnosis. I always care. I'm a raging codependent lol, Hang in there guys.

The trick is to spot it. "It" being, the mess, the mental state, the lack of self care, the moodiness, the giant yellow tape across your front door saying 'UNSAFE HAZARDOUS AREA, DO NOT ENTER", whatever. Just one baby step at a time :D WE can do anything together.
Loving you

Samantha said...

As an ADHD mother of two AMAZING ADHD children, this blog is EXACTLY what this little ADHD family NEEDED! Timers are my best friend! I literally have one in almost every room of my house! It keeps me on task, so well! I also use schedules, though they take me a while to make, get the hang of, and make adjustments to, but they are so useful for me, not everyday though. The kids not so much, however, to make them follow it with any expectation would be trying to jam a round peg into a square hole. Thank you again for your blog!!
The Little ADHD Family