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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey roses, your ugly and stupid!

Sometimes we just have messy days. Those days where the voice(s) in our head tell us "your not good enough", "you can't do anything right" "your not worthy of love"! Don't we just love those days! So what are we to do? Just pretend they are not there? Drink, smoke, sex, drug them into submission? Sit as a victim and just take the beating? Believe them and hide under the blankets? Yes we can do all of these things if that is what we choose to do, or we can fight back! This is one arena where a good wholesome fight is necessary if we want to stay happy, joyous and free! If we believe that something wonderful created the complex beauty of a rose, If we can stop long enough to smell the fragrance and touch the velvety petals, we will have a moment of clarity. Why is it that our eyes can focus on a rose, know it's name, it's color, be able to smell and enjoy its delicate aroma, process the thought, then touch letters on a key pad and transmit the image of this perfect dewey flower to a reader far away who is now thinking hmmmm, interesting? Whatever created that rose, also created the fingers typing this and the eyes reading this. Now that is a power greater than we are. And if such an amazing Creator made the rose in all it's splendor simply for our personal enjoyment... how precious must we be? The flower cant type or sing or feel as we do. The flower just IS BEAUTY. Who are we to judge Gods creation? Are we going to tell the flower how stupid and worthless it is? How arrogant to call one of Gods creations stupid! Who are we to judge anything that was created by such an amazing Higher Power, including ourselves!
If we are agreeing that we are not good enough, we are also saying that the rose is not good enough or the sunset or a puppy... now come on, how can you possibly believe anything so silly.
When I am feeling "less than" please show me a flower to remind me of how incredible I am and how precious I am to you. Thank you for giving me the ability to appreciate the beauty around me and to have the amazing ability to visualize the rose in my mind even if I can't touch one in this moment.
You are a wondrous Creator.