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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside the ADHD head

So my friend Angel that has a wonderful ADHD son Damien, had a lovely poem written for him by his Grandma.

This is the poem...


If I could only understand and see inside your head!

If I could simply grasp your thoughts and feel them in my hands –

The world is full of little words like ‘if’ and ‘sorry’ and ‘I promise’ ….

How do I see inside your mind and hold onto the bouncing ideas

that move faster than the speed of light in flashing colours and sounds?

You feel so very far away and yet, you are right here.

It seems there are worlds between us and yet, you are right here.

Then suddenly

there is a brilliant smile on your lovely face

and my soul leaps with joy!


you open the window just a little bit and we share a rainbow.

Your lovely brown eyes look into to my faded blue eyes,

heart to heart.

Mind to mind.

I treasure those instances.

There was harmony in you for a that moment.

If you and I could only see in your head all the potential,

the love, the kindness, the genius lying therein!

Would it be easier for you, my dearest adder?

If I could only understand and see inside your head!

If I could simply grasp your thoughts and feel them fluttering in my hands –

would it be easier for me, my dearest adder?

Here is the link: http://angelathome.blogspot.com/2007/10/poem-from-grandmother-to-her-adhder.html


Well, that is a Grandma that is truly paying attention.
The fact that she sees the beauty in his mind, the brilliance and the potential is really awesome.

Few really get it, but a Momma and a Grandmas heart sees all.

If she could see inside his head indeed!

I got to thinking about what it's like inside out heads, here is what I came up with.

I tried to explain once what it looked like inside my own head...

I am in a closet and there are hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces of paper with every bit of knowledge I have on them (and I have a lot!), and there's a huge fan that blows them all around me night and day. I can see so many words, ideas, concepts and thoughts at once it's crazy! It is overwhelming. It's hard to hold onto one and keep it still while I grab another, so I have learned to just let go.
Every now and again I get lucky and find two that go together, that is when I shine.
I lie because I can't remember what the past papers said before they got blown out of my hand and I don't want to seem stupid or get into trouble.

This crazy whirling mind of mine is wonderful, but when others expect me to have a filing cabinet like them, I get so frustrated and confused. I know they don't understand, so I am as patient with them as I can possibly be.


angel said...

oh tracy i love that explanation! it just fits so perfectly- thank you for yet more insight!!

angel said...

hey tracy!!!
how you doing?

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JO said...

I love this poem! thanks for posting this.