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Friday, September 07, 2007

The lost year

The windows all need washing,
the laundry rooms a mess,
my art, music and writing
have been abandon, I confess

I really can't explain how
I've lost a whole damn year,
there's a heavy layer of dust
hiding all that I hold dear.

I don't know where I put it
all my closets are stuffed shut,
but could a year hide out in there,
as I've sat here on my butt?

It really is quite scary
to see how much I haven't done,
& the kids don't live here anymore,
so I can't blame it on my son.

There must be some bright way,
to make this all look good,
I spent a year in meditation...
don't you wish you could?


angel said...

oh tracy... i feel the same way! damien still lives here, teehee- but i certainly can NOT blame all this on him!
i missed you girl- i do hope you'll be here more often- you're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Angel, you ARE the reason I'm here!
If not for you holding me accountable, I might have wound up just as lost as my year.

Thank you

angel said...

i'm paying attention tracy... wotchooupto?

Dawn said...

I RELATE, I RELATE, I RELATE - where did this year go - all I know is it has been a tough one - even with counting the many blessings - it has been a tough one. Congratulation to Cody and you - awesome! One good thing about dust - it really will be there tomorrow so you do always get a chance to move it. Love to you. xxx

angel said...

ooh ooh! come see the poem my mom wrote for my boy!