Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What if I'd have given up?

By; Tracy Nicolaus

What if I said "I have to given up?"
Said "I can't do this"
or completely cracked up?

What if they'd taken him away from me,
what might have happened?
Who would he be?

Another mom would have tried to mold him,
stuffed him into a box,
perhaps badgered or scold him.

A different parent might not have seen,
that special something,
that spark or that gleam.

He would have been told to act like the others,
he would have been held down,
his sweet genius smothered.

There is no mold for an ADD child.
Their beauty's unique
they are born to be wild.

Wild to create, to think differently,
drawing outside the lines,
where his mind could run free.

His spirit would have never survived,
He would never have flourished,
never have thrived.

I guess I was chosen, hand picked for this kid.
I'm glad I stood by him let him be what he is,
gave him the space because look what he did;

He is changing the planet one note at a time,
He's a man thats respected, loved and admired,
composing great music, song, dance and rhyme.

directing our consciousness to uncharted places
to new ways of listening, where music embraces
were seeing the spirit behind those poor boxed in faces.

Yes I'm glad it was me, I'm glad he was mine,
as tough as it seemed, even when lost at times,
I was allowed to witness a brand new design.

No other like him, one of a kind
I did something right, he was never confined.


Autism Mom Rising said...

Awesome poem!

angel said...

Oh Tracy... its breathtaking!
I needed a little reason not to throttle my ADHDer tonight, thank you!

Jeanette said...

what a lovely poem!

Karen Griffith Gryga said...

Amazing poem!! Love it.