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Friday, June 06, 2014

ADHD Meltdown

ADHD Meltdown
By; Tracy Nicolaus
Another meltdown headed this way,
there’s nothing I can do or say,
to stop the inevitable rampage ahead,
the cussing, screaming and banging his head.
I must keep my cool, the number one rule,
he faces enough of the world being cruel.
How can such a small guy, make me feel so insane?
How does he climb into my brain?
This isn’t what I expected at all,
my sweet little child may be my downfall.
I’ve become a parent I don’t want to be,
I look in the mirror and hate what I see.
And I feel so alone, I can’t understand,
had my life figured out, this wasn’t my plan.
But here we are I know I must face,
the ultimate challenge any parent could face.
See there’s no one else to stand by his side,
it isn’t his fault he’s on this wild ride.
No one to defend him so I guess that is that,
I’ll shut out the voices and I’ll go to bat.
I’ll ignore the people who tell me I’m wrong,
say he’s a bad child & he can’t get along.
Because he is special, I see in his eyes,
he’s full of love; he’s a happy surprise.
It’s only a matter of shifting my view,
he’s a brilliant child hopefully they’ll see it too!
So be my ally, please help us out,
as we navigate what this ADHD’s about.
Can I get a shout out?

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