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Thursday, February 08, 2007

This class is a drag

It's 10am this class is a drag I wonder whats in my lunch bag,
Oh I forgot to grab my phone, man I guess I'll have to run home.
Dad is there, I'll sneak in the back, quietly, peek thru the kitchen door crack,
Opps he's moving, in the closet I go, gotta be quiet, can't let him know.
Got it and out, cross the road and I'm free, man it's so damn cool to be me!
Back thru the field I see the school snitch, I dash for the trees and hit the ditch.
Patently wait, O.K. there she goes, scrambling out, dirt head to toes,
hey look there's the cops! are they looking for me? Was I gone long enough? How could that be?
Bolt back to class, time? 10:03... this class is a drag


Steven Novak said...

Indeed it is.

We should make out under the bleachers. ;)


angel said...

brilliant tracy- a little glimpse into my darling damien's mind i'll bet!

angel said...

traceeeeeeeee... you still around!!?! how are you?

angel said...

right! i've given you 6 months to come up with something tracy darling- fot the wuck have you been up to??!??!?