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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Famous people with ADHD

Of course I have always seen my son as brilliant, annoying, but brilliant and knew that the way his head works could bring him great fame, fortune and happiness. I also know that the greatest men and women in history all had something in common, just like my child and I, they thought outside the box.

I have checked like 50 websites in the past few years and found this list to be pretty consistent. It doesn't surprise me at all. I can't say for certain that any of the historical people (dead ones) on this list had ADHD or ADD, but it makes a lot of sense. You be the judge.

Some, like Albert Einstein, if you pardon the expression, are no brainers. Their documented histories show that they had all the behaviors, symptoms and abilities that we ADHD people possess.

So, I am not claiming that this list is 100% accurate, but I'll bet it's damn close.

Albert Einstein
Ansel Adams
Ann Bancroft
Alexander Graham Bell
James Boswell
Sir Richard Francis Burton
President George Bush (both)
Admiral Richard Byrd
Lord Byron
Thomas Carlyle
Andrew Carnegie
Jim Carrey
Gen. H. Norman Charles
Thomas Chatterton
Samuel Clemens
Samuel T. Coleridge
Christopher Columbus
Tom Cruise
Leonardo da Vinci
Salvador Dali
Emily Dickinson
Patty Duke
Thomas Edison
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ernest & Marel
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Edward Fitzgerald
Malcomb Forbes
Henry Ford
Rick Fox
Benjamin Franklin
Robert Frost
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Tom Gainsborough
Bill Gates
Susan Hampshire
Mariette Hartley
Stephen Hawking
Wm Randolph Hearst
Ernest Hemingway
Bill Hewlett
Alfred Hitchcock
Dustin Hoffman
Thomas Jefferson
Bruce Jenner
"Magic" Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Michael Jordan
Carl Jung, M.D.
King Karl XI of Sweden
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Jason Kidd
Evel Knievel
Bill Lear
John Lennon
Lewis and Clark
Carl Lewis
Abraham Lincoln
Luci Baines Johnson Nugent
Louis Pasteur
Gen. George Patton
H. Ross Perot
Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf
George C. Scott
George Bernard Shaw
Tom Smothers
Steven Spielberg
Sylvester Stallone
Robert Louis Stevenson
Jackie Stewart
James Stewart
Richard C. Strauss
Lord Alfred Tennyson
Nicolai Tesla
Henry David Thoreau
Leo Tolstoy
Ted Turner
Vincent Van Gogh
Jules Verne
Werner von Braun
Lindsay Wagner
Mike Wallace
General Westmoreland
Weyerhauser Family
Walt Whitman
Jamie Williams
Robin Williams
Tennessee Williams
Woodrow Wilson
Henry Winkler
Stevie Wonder
Virginia Woolf
F.W. Woolworth
Wright Brothers
Vince Lombardi
Robert Lowell
James Clark Maxwell
Steve McQueen
David H. Murdock
Isaac Newton
Jack Nicholson
Anthony Hopkins
Howard Hughes
Edgar Allan Poe
Cole Porter
Elvis Presley
Dan Rather
Buddy Rich
Eddie Rickenbacker
Guy Ritchie
Joan Rivers
John D. Rockefeller
Nelson Rockefeller
Pete Rose
John Ruskin
Nolan Ryan
Eleanor Roosevelt
Anwar Sadat
Pierre Salinger
Robert Schumann
Pablo Picasso
Charles Schwab
Michael Phelps
Ty Pennington (thanks for the update Angel)
Cody and ME!

Go ahead, add yourself or your kids name to this list... now go do something GREAT!


angel said...

i love these lists. i use them every now and then to remind my knucklehead of his potential.
ooh, and you left off Michael Phelps the super olympian, and "extreme makeover home edition's" host Ty Pennington!!!
how cool are they!!?!???

Audrey said...

You also forgot Josie Maran!!