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Saturday, October 18, 2008

An interesting perspective

I was talking to Cody today (27 years old as of this writing) and mentioned the skipping of 6 weeks of school from the earlier post. He said "Oh yeah! That was a very important part of my formative education! Watching MTV. Watching the musicians and singers and performances, learning my trade in the best way possible. I would have just learned a bunch of nonsense in school that I would have never used."

Now I would have NEVER thought of it that way, not in a million years.

Can you see how his head is working here? Brilliant.

I saw a disobedient, lazy, lying, sneaky kid. I saw from a single moms perspective.
It was all about me.
How would I look to others?
What would happen to me if he got caught not going to school?
And the most destructive of all...
"I'm a bad mom cause I'm not home with him. If only I were a "normal" mom."

So Cody, thank you once again for letting me off the hook of guilt and remorse (tho I don't spend much time there today), this was a tough one.

I like the new perspective much better.

If I had it to do over again would I do anything different? Most likely not! I'd still be furious. but alas, I am a work in progress.