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Monday, September 11, 2006

Who you are

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Who you are,
no words could ever say
and who you are is
the bright spot in my day
and who you are
is not what you think is true
you just believed in some old stories
but that really isn't you

who you are,
isn't what your brother still believes
and who you are
aint what anybody sees
you know everybody sees you different
but none of that is true,
not a soul alive could ever know
what I see in you

Hey who you are
just aint some story told by your momma and your dad
and who you are was never based on what you did or didn't have
and when I look into your eyes
I'm not seeing a facade,
when I look at who you truly are
I see a sweet image of God

So let go of all your past now
and take a look inside
If your still and very quiet
you wont feel a need to hide
cause who you are
is a miracle it seems
yah who you are is a brand new color
that I can see inside my dreams

By; Tracy Nicolaus